In Silico Chemistry for Drug Design

Remedium AI employs the power of artificial intelligence
to rationalize and accelerate drug discovery.


Establishing AI-based innovations for drug design

Remedium AI harnesses revolutionary developments in artificial intelligence to develop technologies that can improve critical inefficiencies currently plaguing the pharmaceutical industry.

Remedium AI is developing a sophisticated structural bioinformatics software platform to lead innovation in the field of drug development. Using machine learning techniques, our platform is capable of analyzing any protein with known or suspected therapeutic value with significantly greater accuracy than any comparable AI tool. Our software platform provides solutions that are orders of magnitude faster than conventional strategies, thus reducing the development costs associated with traditional drug discovery methods by more rapidly identifying potential drug candidates.

By implementing radical formulations for protein-based drugs, Remedium AI is igniting a paradigm shift in pharmaceutical drug discovery.


Remedium AI’s platform is the culmination of interdisciplinary work: an experienced biotechnology founder directing a team of researchers skilled in protein chemistry, mathematics, physics, bioinformatics and software engineering.

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Our team has published analyses of early prototypes. Some of our computational methodologies can be found below:

“Transient protein-protein interface prediction: datasets, features, algorithms, and the rad-t predictor.” BMC bioinformatics 15.1 (2014): 82.

“Algorithmic approaches to protein-protein interaction site prediction.” Algorithms for Molecular Biology 10.1 (2015): 7.


We are growing our dedicated team of computer scientists, machine learning specialists and bioinformaticians. Browse our current openings or get in touch at if the job you’re looking for isn’t posted.


Remedium AI is based in downtown Montréal – a vibrant city emerging as a major artificial intelligence hub.

New applications are welcome on a continuing basis. Reach out directly at or visit our Careers page to submit an application for an open position.

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